It was four and a half years ago that, together with the help of my sons and colleagues, I began the process of reawakening the Anthony Sinclair brand from a long period of dormancy.

Sean Connery Thunderball

Thanks to the loyal support of so many wonderful customers and enthusiastic followers, Anthony Sinclair has become a successful business, and was this year recognised as one of the 125 Great British Brands by Country & Town House magazine in their annual luxury brand bible.

Great British Brands 2016

One of the most exciting developments has been the Anthony Sinclair website, which recently grew from a small offering of knitted ties into a platform for 16 different heritage brands in little over 12 months, allowing customers to acquire a complete Bond-style wardrobe online.


On the 29th July, 1967, Sean Connery officially announced that he would be surrendering his license to kill, and the 007 role was adopted by another Anthony Sinclair customer, George Lazenby. This was not the end of Connery’s association with MI6, having returned in 1971 with Diamonds Are Forever, but it marked a time when he was able to look beyond James Bond.

It seemed appropriate that we should choose the same date this year to broaden our own horizons and offer a new range of brands and products that can survive outside the confines of a secret agent’s lifestyle.

To that end, on July 29th, our website will be renamed “Mason and Sons”, and Anthony Sinclair will remain as one of the treasured names in a curated collection of brands, brought together on a new platform that will be dedicated to British design.

Mason & Sons Logo

In the coming months, the website will act as a launchpad for the reintroduction of a number of historic brands that deserve to be brought back to life. They include:


Michael Fish Fitting Sean Connery's shirt

To many, Michael Fish needs no introduction. He was the shirtmaker at Turnbull & Asser who famously fitted Sean Connery with cocktail cuffs for his 007 debut in 1962. Four years later, Fish opened his eponymous store on Clifford Street in Mayfair, from where he led the Peacock Revolution, making dresses for Mick Jagger and David Bowie, and boxing robes for Muhammad Ali along the way.

Curry & Paxton

Michael Caine wearing Curry & Paxton sunglasses

Curry & Paxton made ophthalmic instruments in the Victorian age, and by the mid-19th Century had developed a nationwide chain of optician stores in the UK. Michael Caine was a customer, wearing their spectacles in the Harry Palmer film trilogy and the Italian Job… not a lot of people know that. The brand will relaunch in September with bespoke optical frames and ready to wear sunglasses.


Motoluxe performance tailoring

In 1905, Motoluxe began making alpaca coats and travel requisites for early motorists who needed protection from the elements during winter driving. It was undoubtedly the world’s first motoring apparel brand, and its reintroduction will offer a collection of performance tailoring, inspired by a century of love between man and his cars.



We would like to take the opportunity to thank all of the people who have been involved in the company to date, from the senior craftsmen who create our bespoke products to the young technicians and designers who are continually developing our ecommerce capabilities. We are also thankful for the support of our suppliers and brand partners in sharing our vision, but most importantly to our customers, whose enthusiasm for what we do is most gratifying. We look forward to offering the new brands, products and services in our ongoing mission to make shopping a more interesting and enjoyable experience.

Yours sincerely,

David Mason